Windmill Sprinter - Rinse Free Neutral Floor Cleaner 5L

Windmill Sprinter - Rinse Free Neutral Floor Cleaner 5L

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Product Code: 03-800

An excellent product for cleaning all floors. It is pH neutral and dries to leave a film-free surface. Suitable for use with either wet mopping or scrubber-driers, and can be used in hard and soft water areas as the formulation is precipitate free.  Use for the routine cleaning of floors, and for cleaning following stripping, prior to the application of polish or seal. Sprinter contains no perfume or butyl cellosolve and therefore can be used on floors in food processing / handling areas.

Always try the chemical in a test area first. For commercial use only.

Appearance Blue Liquid
Fragrance Odourless
pH 6.5-7.5
Usage Instructions GENERAL CLEANING:  Dilute 1:10
WET MOPPING:  Dilute 1:64
SCRUBBER DRIER:  Dilute 1:64

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