Windmill Lemon Disinfectant

Windmill Lemon Disinfectant

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Product Code: 05-408

Kills smells and malodours, leaves fresh lemon fragrance.

Appearance Clear Yellow Liquid
Fragrance Clean lemon fragrance
pH 7.0
Usage Instructions Disinfecting: prepare a standard solution of 1 part to 50 parts water for all general cleaning. Heavily soiled articles should be rinsed clean before disinfection. Disinfectant solutions should always be freshly prepared. Use neat for drains, toilets, waste pipes, refuse bins etc. For washing hard surfaces, walls, floors, work tops, etc. Dilute 1 part to 100 parts water. As an air purifier and spray, dilute 1 part to 60 parts water.


Generally the largest cost with cleaning is wages. It goes without saying that if you can reduce the amount of man hours needed, you will reduce the cost of the operation.