Windmill Eliminator Max Surface Sanitising Kit

Windmill Eliminator Max Surface Sanitising Kit

£108.78 ex VAT
Product Code: 06-568

A complete kit for surface sanitising which includes everything you need to get your workplace safe.  Use the Eliminator Max extreme performance sanitiser on all your work surfaces and touch points to reduce risk of infection spread.  For best effect you can use the sanitiser through the pressure sprayer and trigger spray bottles to spray onto surfaces and air dry to maximise contact time.  Eliminator Max is our highest performing sanitiser for complete peace of mind.

Kit includes;

  • 2x 5L Windmill Eliminator Max 5L
  • 2x Empty Trigger Spray Bottles with Waterproof Labels
  • 1x 5L Pump Up Pressure Sprayer with Waterproof Label
  • 1x Dosing Pump
  • 1x Pack of quality disposable cloths.

Further details on the chemical can be found on our blog here.

Further details about allowing contact time can be found here.

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