Windmill Eliminator Max Electrostatic Battery Spraying Kit

Windmill Eliminator Max Electrostatic Battery Spraying Kit

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Product Code: 16-820

Electrostatic spraying kit for use with Windmill Eliminator Max for professional sanitising of rooms and surfaces.

18V Li-Ion Battery powered sprayer that electrostatically charges the chemical as it sprays to give an even coat of chemical onto all surfaces.  1L tank will last 20-25 minutes.  Battery lasts for up to 3 hours with a charge time of up to 6 hours.  Spare batteries are available for more continual usage.

Kit includes machine, battery, charger, case, 2x5L Windmill Eliminator Max and dosing pump.

What is Electrostatic and What Are the Advantages?

The electrostatic applicator provides an electrical charge to the solution coming out of the nozzle. The charged molecules repel each other, so they keep an even distance from each other but, at the same time, they are attracted to the surface to be treated. The strength of the charged particles is greater than that of gravity, so they are immediately attracted by the surface and do not fall to the ground.

The attraction therefore ensures that all the particles of the solution settle on the surface, thus creating a 360-degree coverage, without leaving out any areas.

Germs and bacteria are very quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots. Disinfecting effectively by hand takes a very long time and requires prohibitive costs. An electrostatically charged spray can reach teh entire targeted area envely, right down ot the most hidden points.  The cloud of charged particles completely envelops the surface and sanitises all areas.

Voltage 18V
Solution Pump 20W
Battery Run Time Up to 3 Hours
Battery Charge Time Up to 6 Hours
Tank Size 1L
Particle Size (μm) 40/80/100 (Depending on Nozzle)
Machine Dimensions Length - 417mm
Height - 280
Width - 95mm
Contents of Kit 18V Machine
1x 2Ah Li-ion Battery
Kit Box
2x5L Windmill Eliminator Max
30ml Dosing Pump


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