Windmill Eliminator - Aerosol Sanitising Fogger 150ml

Windmill Eliminator - Aerosol Sanitising Fogger 150ml

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Product Code: 06-860

Windmill Eliminator Aerosol Sanitising Fogger.  One of the most efficient ways of holistically sanitising a room. Safe for all surfaces, including where there is IT equipment. Ideal for Education, Heathcare, Public areas and Leisure centres. Conforms to EN 1276 & EN 1650.

Directions for use Close all windows and doors and turn off any air extraction.  Use 1 can per 40m2.  Place can or cans to evenly cover the area.  Press top button down all the way until it clicks down on each can.  Close off the area being fogged for at least 1 hour or overnight.  Following this, vent the area for 15 minutes.


Generally the largest cost with cleaning is wages. It goes without saying that if you can reduce the amount of man hours needed, you will reduce the cost of the operation.