Touch Guard Skin Barrier Cream Unperfumed 1L

Touch Guard Skin Barrier Cream Unperfumed 1L

£12.95 ex VAT
Product Code: 10-835

A smooth white odourless lotion which protects the skin against wet or dry contaminants. Protects in three ways, by providing a barrier against a wide range of harmful substances, by reducing the effects of abrasion and by re-fatting and nourishing the skin. Proven effectiveness in wet and dry conditions. Free from china clay and similar fillers, non-silicone.

500 pumps per cartridge.


Dispenser Option 28-800
Shipping Weight (Box of 6) 6.75kg
Shipping Dimensions (Box of 6) 22cm (Height)
19cm (Width)
31.5cm (Length)

Free Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stands

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