Rubbermaid HYGEN Filter Bucket with Wringer Combo Yellow (Was £396.64 Now £196)

Rubbermaid HYGEN Filter Bucket with Wringer Combo Yellow (Was £396.64 Now £196)

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The new and innovative filter bucket and wringer with built-in-scrubbers to help loosen and remove debris from the mop.  Twin rollers allow for optimised wringing efficiency, and an innovative filtering system processes dirty water into cleaner water with a simple tilt of the bucket.

Rinsing and Scrubbing

Insert the mop into the bucket.  Move the mop up and down to enable the built-in scrubbers to remove soil from the mop.


Adjust the dial to select your desired level of moisture.  Lift the mop so the yellow dot is alighned with the top of the roller.  Standing in front of the bucket, press the handle down to wring the mop.


When the mop water gets dirty, rather than having to dump the water and refill the bucket, tilt the bucket 90 degrees by pressing the handle/  This allows the dirty water to transfer to the filter chamber.


Once the water is completely transferred to the filter chamber

Dimensions 914x609x533mm

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Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou