Pulse Mopping Kit with 2 Mop Heads

Pulse Mopping Kit with 2 Mop Heads

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Product Code: 14-Q969K

Clean more square meters in less time.  Industry best microfibre, onboard reservoir, and user-controlled release of the solution.  Cleans up to 930m² with the optional Pulse™ Caddy.    Comes complete with 2 mop heads.

Non-Slip Tip and Red Trigger Handle


When placed against a wall this tip helps prevent the handle from sliding and falling.  Red trigger handle dispenses the cleaning solution.  One-handed operation.  Helps reducing RSI (Repetitive Stress Insjuries).

Easy Refill

Easy to Refill 

Fill the reservoir with cleaning solution.  Reservoir window allow easy monitoring of fluid level.

Aesthetic On-Board Fluid Reservoir

Easy Fill Reseroir 

High-Capacity refillable reservoir holds 0.7L of solution to clean up to 80m² of floor space.  Can be used with water only, cleaning solution or bleach.

Fits the Quick Connect System

Easy to use Quick Connect System

40cm Aluminium frame included.

On-Demand Delivery

 3 Non-Atomising Jets

Press the trigger handle to dispense three streams of cleaning solution behind the mop (non-atomising for greener cleaning).

Clean Connect™ Cap

Clean Connect cap and optional Rubbermaid PULSE Caddy snap together for spill-free refilling.  Flow automatically stops when the reservoir is full.

Dimensions 142.2x12.4x9.5cm
Included Frame, Handle and 2xMop Heads

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