Orbital 13 Inch Polishing/Scrubbing Machine

Orbital 13 Inch Polishing/Scrubbing Machine

£480.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-700

13” Mains polisher with oscillating head that's extremely easy to use.  The oscilating motion doesnt have the same side to side motion as a standard rotary machine, so it's extremely easy to use and control.  Compact and ting. Compact and lightweight, the machine comes with a solution tank and floor pad drive board, polishing pad and micro fibre pad. Ideal for front of house areas. Takes 13" floor pads.

Motor 290W
Brush/Drive Width 13"/33cm
Rotary Speed 1450 1/min Oscillation
Cable Length 7.5m
Dimensions 320x1210x200mm
Weight 13kg
Accessories Included with Machine Drive Board, Solution Tank
Warranty 1 Year

Free Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stands

Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou