MotorScrubber Jet - Battery Powered Backpack Scrubbing Machine with Spray

MotorScrubber Jet - Battery Powered Backpack Scrubbing Machine with Spray

£849.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-MSJET

The MotorScrubber Jet is a battery powered scrubbing machine with a pump to spray water in front of the machine.  It boasts a lightweight 3kg backpack houses the battery which powers the high-torque powerful scrubbing machine for up to 3.5 hours.  Built in the UK with exceptional build quality for longevity.  Delivering 354rpm of power to the scrubbing head it makes cleaning in tight and confined spaces easier than ever before.  Perfect for cleaning in and around washroom areas, behind toilets, under benches and stairs.  Adjusting handle length and brush head angle.  The head is completely waterproof meaning it can be dipped into a bucket for cleaning, or cleaning underwater lines in and around pools.

Key Features

  • Self-contained with pump and solution spray 
  • 3.5 Hour battery run-time
  • Powerful high-torque 354rpm motor
  • Lightweight backpack and fully adjustable handle
  • Waterproof head
Brush Width 7.5"/18cm
Rotary Speed 354rpm
Battery Run Time 3.5 Hours
Battery Charge Time 8 Hours
Dimensions 17(W)x15(H)x112(L)cm
Backpack Weight 3kg
Machine Weight 1.75kg
Theoretical Area Performance 144m2/hour
Accessories Included with Machine Machine, backpack with battery, charger, medium scrubbing brush, pad holder, green pad, red pad, white pad and microfibre pad.
Warranty 1 Year


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