Melamine Floor Pad - Deep Cleaning 6in

Melamine Floor Pad - Deep Cleaning 6in

£5.94 ex VAT
Product Code: 03-MEL06

NEW!  If you have used magic sponges before you will know the clenaing power of melamine, now you can get the same material in a floor pad.  

  • Can be used to strip polish with just water!
  • Excellent for deep cleaning on safety flooring and other floor types
  • Can be used with scrubber driers and slow speed rotary machines.
Directions for Use
  1. Soak pad in water
  2. Fit to slow speed rotary machine or scrubber drier
  3. Scrub floor keeping the pad with plenty of water/mild cleaning solution
  4. Pick up dirty water from floor


Generally the largest cost with cleaning is wages. It goes without saying that if you can reduce the amount of man hours needed, you will reduce the cost of the operation.