Ivac CO6 - Tub Vacuum Cleaner (Was £202.80 Now £120.00)

Ivac CO6 - Tub Vacuum Cleaner (Was £202.80 Now £120.00)

£120.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-IVAC

I-Vac is a robust well designed and user friendly machine.  It has a high/low function, perfect for day time cleaning. The low power setting is ideal where lower a noise level is required The vacuum has an automatic close system for the filter bag and even whistles when the bag is full. The vacuum also whistles when there is a blockage. The c06 also has a clever valve which opens when the machine has a full bag or is blocked this lets cool air in to cool down the motor to avoid the motor overheating.

Motor 850 Watt
Capacity (Paper Bag) 6 ltr
Cable Length 15m
Dimensions 350 mm (h)


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