FogMister - 6L Electrical Fogger

FogMister - 6L Electrical Fogger

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Product Code: 16-772

Excellent for removing odours in problematic areas - this mist follows the direction of odours such as smoke. Mobile, versatile applicators with variable output. Heavy duty, seamless, safe and rustproof copolymer construction with convenient built-in carry handle. Easy-fill wide aperture. Single stage fan produces the micro droplets.

Dimensions 300x380x220mm
Capacity 6 Litre
Max Output Varialble 0-270ml/minute
Output Details for Valve Setttings 1/4 Turn - 2.66ml/min (15 Micron)
1/2 Turn - 5.32ml/min (21 Micron)
3/4 Turn - 16.27ml/min (32 Micron)
1 Turn - 44.37ml/min (49 Micron)
Fully Open (Approx. 3 Turns 270ml/min

Free Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stands

Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou