Fimap Mxr - Battery Disc Micro Ride-On Scrubber Drier

Fimap Mxr - Battery Disc Micro Ride-On Scrubber Drier

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Product Code: 16-MXR

The Fimap Mxr ride-on scrubber drier has very compact dimensions, and is able to replace standard walk-behind scrubber driers with significant cost savings, cleaning up to 3000m²/h.  Extremely compact dimensions mean that this machine is perfect for large schools, hospitals where this machine is perfect for long corridors and large halls but is small enough to even fit in most lifts and doorways.

The Mxr is a similar investment to a walk behind model but this machine boasts savings of up to 36% on costs and increases productivity by 43%.   The reduced dimensions and the driving wheel design give this machine exceptional manoeuvrability to perform in small spaces, going very easily around obstacles to complete cleaning operations in shorter time than a walk behind scrubber.  The machine comes as standard with a Eco ON/OFF System that automatically stops the brush and water flow when the machine is idle.  

The maintenance is extremely low, all daily maintenance elements are colour coded yellow so that at the end of the shift, operators can see at a glance which parts need cleaning.  No tools are required for the daily maintenance.

Motor 450W
Voltage 24V
Brush Width ø560mm
Vacuum Width 705-800mm
Solution Tank Capacity 70L
Recovery Tank Capacity 70L
Maximum Area Performance 3000m²/h
Dimensions 362x290x354mm
Weight 190kg
Accessories Included with Machine Batteries, Charger and Drive Board

Free Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stands

Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou