Fimap iMx - Battery Disc Scrubber Drier

Fimap iMx - Battery Disc Scrubber Drier

£3,150.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-IMX

A robust scrubber drier for maintenance cleaning of areas from 1000 to 1800m².  A 51cm cleaning width and a 4 hour run time makes this machine very versatile.

The iMx is a very robust machine offering a long run time and a big cleaning width at a low price. The low noise level allows work even during the opening hours in highly frequented environments such as supermarkets and shops or sensitive environments such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools without disturbing the people around. The framework is totally made of aluminium, properly treated to be corrosion resistant, and it is com-pletely protected by the machine body. iMx is equipped with a large handle bar giving ergonomics and manoeuvrability and ensuring the max-imum safety while working.  

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Motor 500W
Voltage 24v
Brush Width 510mm
Vacuum Width 680mm
Solution Tank Capacity  40L
Recovery Tank Capacity 40L
Maximum Area Performance 1000-1800m²
Dimensions 1180x1030x510mm
Weight 42Kg (Excluding Batteries)
Accessories Included with Machine Batteries, Charger and Choice of of Brush or Drive Board


Powerful, impressive and reliable...See for yourself by watching our video!