Fimap Genie B - Battery Disc Scrubber Drier

Fimap Genie B - Battery Disc Scrubber Drier

£1,925.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-102661

A very compact battery powered Scrubber Dryer, with on board charger. The Genie was the first machine of its kind setting the trend for other to follow. The concept is “affordable cleaning”, designing a machine that is robust, compact, and keenly priced.  Compact size makes for easy use in tight areas.  Quick set up and clean down time.  Scrubbing Brush available.  Takes 14" Floor Pads.

Motor 250W
Voltage 12V
Brush Width 350mm
Vacuum Width 450mm
Solution Tank Capacity 10L
Recovery Tank Capacity 10L
Maximum Area Performance 1000m²/h
Dimensions 682x1115x440mm
Weight 67kg
Accessories Included with Machine Batteries, Charger and Drive Board

10 Things You Should Know About Scrubber Driers

A good floor cleaning machine can be like an extra member of staff for a busy cleaning team if carefully chosen. However, a bad choice can lead to a machine that gives you headaches with regular breakdowns or even a machine that sits unused in the cupboar