Fimap FS50 Bt - Battery Sweeper

Fimap FS50 Bt - Battery Sweeper

£3,681.80 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-100687

A compact medium sized battery powered sweeper, with the choice of traction or non-traction models.  Heavy duty machine, ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Very well built and robust machine for demanding environments. 500mm main broom with height adjusters. Large area filter that controls dust, with mechanical filter shaker ( electric shaker available) Cleans up to 2000 square metres per hour. A great machine for raising the level of cleanliness around a building, both indoors and out.

Motor 600W
Voltage 12V
Brush Width 500mm
Brush Width (With Side Brush) 650mm
Waste Capacity 40L
Maximum Area Capacity 2600m²/h
Dimensions 1430x1000x660mm
Weight 75kg(+Batteries)
Accessories Included with Machine Brushes, Battery and Charger

Free Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stands

Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou