Fimap Broom - Cordless Power Sweeper

Fimap Broom - Cordless Power Sweeper

£199.00 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-106880

The Fimap Broom is as ergonomic and comfortable to use as a vacuum cleaner, but without a power cord, to offer you the maximum freedom.

It can make a 360 degree turn with the flexible joint and the 2 side brushes reach right into the edges and corners. The main height adjustable roller makes this suitable for use on a variety of different floors. Li-ion Battery with a run time of up to 40 min.

Motor 70Wa 
Voltage  Battery (10,8 V)
Brush Width 375 mm
Brush Width (With Side Brushs) 375mm
Waste Capacity 2L
Maximum Area Performance  100m²
Dimensions 310x137x368mm
Weight 2,8kg
Accessories Included with Machine 1xBattery, 1xDummy battery, 1xCentral brush, 2xLateral brush and 1xBattery charger


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