Deluxe Eye Wash Station

Deluxe Eye Wash Station

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Product Code: 21-969

Our Deluxe Eye Wash Station has a clip in wall bracket for permanent fixing within a workplace.  Additionally a carry handle box contains the eye was solution, with clips to keep the bottles secure. The sterile saline eye wash solution is contained in 500ml bottles.  The cap on our bottles of sterile eye wash solution is quick and easy to use which flushes the eye thoroughly in case of emergency.  We don’t add antimicrobial agents or any other substances this solution. Also, the manufacturing process ensures the product is sterile and pyrogen free.

Contents of Kit 2  500ml Eye Wash Solution
2  No. 16 Sterile Eye Pads 
Refill Options 21-80204

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Great for entrance ways and areas where a wall mou