50L Caravan Cleaning Trolley System

50L Caravan Cleaning Trolley System

£1,388.23 ex VAT
Product Code: 16-CC50K

A completely self-contained 3 in 1 system for caravan cleaning:

  1. Brush chemical solution onto the outside of the caravans/cladding, and leave contact time
  2. Spray tap water through the brush, to rinse off the outside of the caravans or cladding, and
  3. Use pure water for streak-free window cleaning

Truly innovative and unique - this trolley system covers all 3 functions, ideal for caravan park cleaning.

There are 2 tanks at the front of the machine - one holds plain tap water, the other chemical solution.  When only tap water or chemical solution is required then the solution does not go through the water filter prolonging the life of the filter.

A great system, save time and money on deep cleaning your caravans or cladding!

Comes complete with 18ft pole with a hi-lo brush.


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