Who We Are

A+D Supplies was founded in 1984.  The world has completely changed in the last 30+ years, but some things dont, and that's why our loyal customers have come to expect and rely on our commitment to customer care, and our passion for solving your problems - because we're all about making cleaning and hygiene easy - that's our mission.    

The A+D story is not all about us - it's about helping people like you to make your facilities management sucessful.

We like to create long-term relationships with our customers - so first up, we make sure we fully understand your requirements, any issues your facing, and come up with recommendations with how we can help you overcome them, and create a cleaner environment.  We put this all into an audit report for you (this is no-obligation and all free of charge).  Of course your experience won't stop there - our well-oiled machine will ensure you have all the things you'd expect - like having friendly and prompt delivery, ensuring your products are kept in stock, and of course that you always have someone on the end of the phone when you have a question.  But we also help you with some of the less obvious things - we have innovative ways to cut out time when invoicing out customers, charging on consumables and saving costs.  

So that's us (in 30 seconds) - but we want to speak to you and find out how we can help you - so why not contact us today?


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Quality is at the heart of our culture with our triple star ISO acreditation