Windmill Refill


Sustainable Refillable Containers: Eliminating Single Use Plastics

> Eliminate single use plastics with refillable 10L chemical bottles and re-usable spray-printed trigger bottles.
> Robust 10 litre containers can be refilled time and time again with no need for outer packaging - reduces waste on site.
> Quality tried and tested chemicals with proven performance and germ kill ratings.
> Available with dosing pumps for concentrates or taps for ready to use products.
> Innovative dispensing systems including the new 1L Recharger bottle for dosing without dosing pumps.

The process is simple:

Once empty we will collect the container next time we are delivering to your site providing you're on our van run (all we ask is that you have it ready with its lid on).
We will refill with the same chemical.
No paperwork, no deposits, just a simple way of eliminating single-use plastic.
Our commitment to a more sustainable planet.